Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training options do you offer?

We offer various training options to ensure that we find the best fit for your particular needs and the individuality of our customers. Most of our training is either On Site or Classroom-based training. Click here for more information on Classroom-based training or click here for more information regarding On-site training.

How many computers can I have hooked up?

Medisoft runs on the Advantage Database Server. You will purchase the Advantage license separately when purchasing the networked version of Medisoft. The license is available as 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25 etc. There will be no problem in getting the appropriate user connections for your office. The user license’s are for concurrent users.

Do I need a dedicated server?

It is preferred to have a dedicated server if possible. Dedicated servers are recommended in offices that are running more than five. If your office has five computers, you can get by with using the server as a workstation. We would recommend that you look at the minimum hardware requirements and try and be above those, especially if using the server as a workstation since these are the bare minimum. You may find better network performance.

Is Medisoft good in a Networked office?

Medisoft runs absolutely fine in a networked office, in fact most of our users have Medisoft networked. We have numerous users running 10 or more pc’s in their environment.

What other software do I need besides the Medisoft? Electronic, OH, add ons

Medisoft is the core product that will allow you to paper bill, schedule appointments, etc. If you are interested in Electronic Billing, a module and payer setup for this is required.

There is an enhanced scheduler available for offices that need extra features. Add on report programs and coding tools are also available. Please see our Products page for all of the available items to purchase with your Medisoft program.

How many providers fit in the software? How many practices?

The Medisoft program allows you to have up to 99 practices. Within each practice you are able to have up to 99 providers and a million minus 1 patients.

Medisoft has been a very popular choice for billing services, since purchasing one licensed copy allows you to maintain multiple clients or practices.

Can this software be used for my specialty?

Medisoft has been written to allow flexibility for just about every specialty. You would want to evaluate Medisoft against a product that was written specifically for your niche market, ie: Home Health Care, Ambulance, Dialysis, etc.

For the general realm of specialties you will have no problem using Medisoft.

ICD-10 Training Webinars

ICD-10: Learn how to turn the tools on in Medisoft

Below are links to documents for the ICD-10 training.

If you need further assistance or would like a recorded version of Integrated Health Care’s ICD-10 webinar, please contact our office.

Documents for the Medisoft Program and ICD-10 Training

To save the document(s) to your computer, Right Click on the item(s) that you want.
Then click on “Save Target As”, Browse to where you want to save this, Then Click on Save.

These documents are in Adobe format.

If the ICD-9 Codes are not showing when you use the “Tools-Services-Create ICD-10 Mappings in Medisoft:

See this Document to run the Clear ICD10 Utility

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