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CGM MEDISOFT is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice.

With each new release, CGM MEDISOFT gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added.

Check out the benefits of CGM MEDISOFT V27 compared to previous versions. 

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Integrated Health Care


New Features






Ability to merge patient accounts/charts





Customizable patient alert pop-ups





Current co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible displays when using eMEDIX** EDI





Ability to move charges and accompanying co-pays between cases





Inactive status indicators in the patient drop-down menu when creating appointments within office hours





Opt-in contact preferences for patients using CGM CONNECTION** appointment reminders





PDF Image file support





Multi-practice name display in Windows taskbar icons





Financial KPI dashboard to display financial performance year-over-year for charges, adjustments, and payments




Patient encounters KPI dashboard to display patient visits, missed appointments, and average charges per visit




Search patients by DOB




Easy write-off adjustments from AR Tracker




Integration with CGM CONNECTION - a robust patient engagement tool**




Enhanced password security 




Report enhancements to meet 21st Century Cures Act demographic requirements




OCR scanning of insurance cards and return of demographic information



Enhanced ICD-10 Search Tool powered by IMO® Terminology



Demographic information returned on eligibility checks



Multiple revenue management improvements related to batch eligibility checks



Fewer clicks for real-time eligibility checks



Login/logout audit trail reporting



Insurance codes added to Transaction Entry Tab



Deposit list enhancements to use in-screen persistence of payer type/payer method values



Include up to 12 diagnosis codes from the patient case on the unprocessed transactions edit



Added patient DOB, age, and last Eligibility Check date to OHP appointment screen



EHR Interface with the award-winning CGM APRIMA solution



Transaction Entry Alerts for present and missing content


Enhanced eligibility response displays


Report header updates to Aging Reports plus new Primary Insurance Aging Summary report


Transaction & statement notes added to walkout receipts


Multiple mobile app enhancements including:

  • Addition of cases
  • Ability to edit and delete appointments
  • Detailed patient balances
  • View additional insurance information
  • Add middle initial to patient names
  • Add facility code


NDC codes added to unprocessed transactions


Updated CMS-1500 Claim Form for

Added Race and Ethnicity fields for Quality Reporting

More specific filters in Unprocessed Charges tool

Enhancements to MEDISOFT Mobile UI

Updates to ICD-10 Mapping utility

Pending Patients tool for adding patients to MEDISOFT

Updated log-in security

Write-Off tool for outstanding balances

Accounts Receivable Tracker for working AR balances

Enhancements to Real-Time Eligibility and EOB functionality

Insurance card scanning to policy and multimedia tabs

Auto-assign statements notes

Advanced duplicate patient record matching

Color coding functionality for patient statuses and incomplete transactions

Insurance timely filing calculator

Secondary claim status in Revenue Manager

Reporting best practices documentation

Cash posting of payments & unlocked fields in BillFlash OfficePay

* Please note that CGM MEDISOFT V20-V25 are no longer supported by the developer.
** Priced separately.