Enhancements for a better user/patient experience

The new CGM MEDISOFT V27 represents a real upgrade over past versions, and a few of the enhancements create a better experience for both users and patients.

Here's a quick look at just a few of the main additions you'll find when you upgrade to CGM MEDISOFT V27.

Pop-Up Alerts
Inactive Status Display
PDF Compatibility

Pop-up patient alerts

An all-new feature, CGM MEDISOFT V27 users can create patient alert codes to pop up for specific patients in the transaction entry, patient entry, case entry, or appointment screens. Assign up to five custom pop-up alerts per patient including a free-text option.

With pop-up alerts, your staff can be reminded to collect new insurance information, to only take cash, or to hold on creating new appointments. With the free-text alert, your receptionist would remember to ask about the patient's big fishing trip last month. Your staff communicates better, makes fewer mistakes or oversights, and delivers a more personalized patient experience. 

Inactive status display

In an administrative improvement that helps keep your staff organized, CGM MEDISOFT V27 will display a patient's inactive status on the patient look-up list. Enjoy fewer mistakes or misclicks. Find the patient your looking for on the first try, every time.

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PDF compatibility

CGM MEDISOFT V27 is more flexible than before with its new PDF compatibility. Import, export, display, or print PDF files from CGM MEDISOFT, and eliminate the hassle of trying to obtain or scan files in other formats.

There is so much more in the new version.  Check out the highlights.

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