New patient chart merge: an easy way to clean up your demographics

Everyone has created unintended duplicate patients. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe you didn’t know a patient had changed their name due to marriage or another reason. With the new CGM MEDISOFT V27, a patient merge utility has arrived.

With just a few simple keystrokes, a quick confirmation to verify that you want to proceed, and you'll watch as the patient and all the transactions merge into a single record.

Reduce clutter, improve billing

It won't be long before you learn that the patient merge goes beyond just fixing mistakes. No doubt you have multiple records like this that you'll be able to clean up and in turn, make your reporting much less complex. And best of all, when it comes to billing, you'll have a single record to manage patient accounts receivables, even saving on duplicative statement costs.


Watch a Short Demo

There is so much more in the new version.  Check out the highlights.

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