Check out the new features in CGM MEDISOFT V27

CGM MEDISOFT is the most popular, proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. With each new release, it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added. Here are just a few of the notable benefits of upgrading to CGM MEDISOFT V27.

Move charges and payments

Did a patient ever forget to tell you their insurance changed before you posted charges?  Now it is quick and easy to move the charges to the correct case, and if you already posted a co-pay, that will move too.  Fantastic!  It takes away the frustration of error-prone and time-consuming prior double-entries to fix mistakes.

Easily merge patient charts

Everyone creates duplicate charts by mistake.  You were in a rush.  The patient didn't tell you about a name change.  Those records cluttered up your reports and introduced billing mistakes.  Now with V27 it is easy to merge one chart into another and watch as all the data and transactions become a single record.

Pop-up patient alerts

Now you can set up to five practice alerts per patient to more easily drive protocols based upon patient situation.  you can tailor them to appear in appointments, demographics, and charges.  And you can even add a free text message unique to the patient.

Copay Coinsurance Deductible
Password Security

PDF image file
image and support in
multimedia tab

Improved display of co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible from eligibility check

Enhancements to
CGM CONNECTION patient reminders 

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