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** NEW - Revenue_Management - New in October 2009 **

Revenue_Management - A software tool that expands the electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities of the Medisoft

** NEW - Revenue_Management - New in October 2009 **

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Revenue Management brochure

FAQs for Revenue Management

Medisoft® Revenue Management (formerly SendClaim Claim Manager) is a software tool that expands the electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities of the Medisoft practice management system to help physicians get paid faster and more accurately. Physician practices use Revenue Management to electronically connect to clearinghouses like RelayHealth as well as directly to payors. There are two Revenue Management options:

  • Revenue Management Advanced
  • Revenue Management Advanced uses the RelayHealth clearinghouse to connect to payors and offers integrated eligibility, pre-claim edits for claim scrubbing, electronic remittance advice (ERA) processing, and integrated report viewing and claim status management.
  • Revenue Management Direct
  • Revenue Management Direct connects directly to payors or to clearinghouses other than RelayHealth. Includes pre-claim edits for claim scrubbing, ERA processing and report management.

Key Features

  • Creates professional and institutional claims to payors accepting HIPAA-compliant ANSI 837 formats.
  • Sends claims direct to the insurance carrier or clearinghouse of your choice including RelayHealth.
  • Includes 835 ERA remittance auto-posting.
  • Includes automatic secondary claim creation for either ERA-posted or hand-keyed primary insurance posting.
  • Maintains complete history of all actions taken on a claim.
  • Includes robust reporting capabilities including the ability to easily view, print, export & e-mail reports.
  • Launches from within Medisoft Version 15.
  • Provides advanced editors to quickly configure providers, referring providers, PINs, insurances, receivers and practice information in Medisoft.
  • Adds UB and DME claim processing capabilities to Medisoft
  • (UB-04 General Purpose, UB-04 Rehab, ESRD/Dialysis, DME with CMNs, Rural Health, Ambulance, Medicaid Special Programs and much more).
  • Includes billing-defined and user-defined pre-claim edits in the core application. An optional claim editing module is available as an add-on to provide additional pre-claim edits including Medicare Policy Edits, CCI Edits, CPT and Diagnosis Codes, Global Periods and Common Edits.

Key Benefits

  • A user-friendly user interface streamlines billing workflow and speeds the claim management process.
  • The ability to view and track claim detail including services, history and edits gives billers actionable information to improve the billing cycle.
  • Pre-claim edits catch errors before claims are sent to payors to help ensure that physicians are reimbursed more quickly and for the correct amount.
  • A robust reporting engine offers an intuitive user interface that improves billing workflow and saves staff time.
  • The ability to edit electronic remittance advice (ERA) transactions in an intuitive user interface before posting payments improves billing workflow and saves staff time.
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